Golfing Necessities

While we can’t improve your golf score, we can help improve your over all golfing experience. McCoo’s might not be your traditional golf store, but we’ve got the golfing necessities you need for your next game. Here are a few things we think you should bring along to your next game of golf for an extra good time.

First things first, the outfit. Our current line up of Oakley clothing doubles as street wear and golf wear. A shirt can that look the part and can perform for multiple activities is a shirt worth investing in. We’ve got plenty of shorts that you can rock on the fairway or in the bike park. So for the folks that like to do it all, get your Oakley get up here and wear it all day long.

The golf hat is a key accessory that any golfer will attest to. The Silicon Oakley Cap 2.0 in white will keep your head cooler by reflecting the sun and let it breath through the extremely breathable material.

The right eyewear is crucial to your comfort while golfing. Be sure to pack your sunnies or stop in to try on the new Oakley Prizm line up. The Prizm line offers a full line of sport specific sunglasses for busy bodies and serious athletes. For golf specific shades try on the Prizm Golf Flak 2.0 XL. Want more info on choosing the right shades for you? Check out our recent post: 4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses.

The Suncloud Eye Retainer is a little accessory that will make you wonder what you ever did with out one! Pick up an eye retainer to keep those fancy new shades around your neck when they aren’t working hard to protect your eyes. It’s a game changer for the notorious sunglass “miss-placer”, “scratch-er” or “dropper”.

We would be silly to not mention sunscreen. Don’t head to the course with out some Sunbum sunscreen with an SPF protection rating of your choice.

What golfing necessity is the most fun? Your GoPro of course! GoPro’s all you to get up close and personal with your swing shots or nice and wide with your mountain view images. Our arsenal of GoPros, accessories and mounts can help you get the perfect shot.

Last but not least, don’t forget your beer cozy! We aren’t encouraging grabbing a beer for the cart, but if you do, you can have the most stylish one with one of our cozies!

We really do hope you score well, but at the very least we hope you’re comfortable in your stylish get up and gear from McCoo’s! Stop in to see what we are talking about and get ready for your next round in Whistler.

Local’s Only Hint: If you dig a casual approach to golf with a laid back vibe we recommend stopping by The Meadows at Pemberton for a round or two! We think our style and yours will be on par with their atmosphere.

The 5 Bags You Need in Whistler

Whistler has four distinct seasons, each with its own weather and sports to enjoy. Cross over is key in gear so you can get the most of it, so we’ve come up with the 5 bags you need in Whistler to accommodate almost all sports and seasons.

Ski Bag

Whether you are pounding out laps on the chairlift all day, venturing into the backcountry or getting a heli drop into a gnarly line, you’ll need a ski pack for your winter outings. When searching for the perfect ski bag think about if the majority of your winter will be on the resort, in the backcountry or a mix of both. If the backcountry is your playground, purchasing an avalanche float pack might be the best decision you’ve ever made. Some float packs have a removable portion so it can be worn as a regular pack as well. McCoo’s has a large selection of different capacity bags geared towards your favorite type of skiing. Making sure your gear fits in your new bag is key, so feel free to bring your gear shopping with you to make sure it fits into the bag you’ve been eying, with room to spare! If you’re more of a resort cruiser, we’ve got plenty of smaller options for you too!

Beach Bag

Summer living means plenty of days at the beach. Beach bags come in all shapes and sizes, so pick one that will hold all of your beach necessities. We’ve got you covered with a separate blog post about beach bag essentials to make sure you’re ready for a summer filled with lake days.

Camping Pack

Whistler has endless places to escape for a night, or a week of camping by foot or by car. With so many options it’s nice to have a camping pack that can handle it all. A minimum of 35L is recommended for overnight camping to allow adequate room for your sleeping bag, tent, food, water and other camping supplies. The longer the trip, the bigger the pack should be. It’s important to be fitted for your pack as well. Most camping packs come in sizes based on your body frame, so keep that in mind to get the pack with the perfect fit for you. Another camping pack tip is to look for a pack with more than one point of entry so that if you pack something at the bottom you can get to it with out unpacking the whole bag. Bags with outside straps are great for hauling a tent on the outside as well.

Day Pack

Your daily backpack will be the most well used packs in your quiver, so choose wisely. Invest in this bag, as it will be the pack you wear for the most missions. This pack should have room for the essentials and then some so that it can accommodate a variety of activities with out too much bulk. Ideally your backpack will with stand dusty bike rides, day hikes and even an impromptu snowshoe adventure with ease.

Multi-purpose Bag

Heading to the gym? A sleepover at a friends? Maybe out for some sight seeing? This is the bag you’ll need at your side, or on your back. We are especially loving the variety of bags for both guys and gals by Herschel Supply Co bags right now. This bag doesn’t need to be a heavy-duty pack, but it should be something you’re ready to grab for all your random outings.

McCoo’s has you covered year round for all your bag needs. We love to see you play in our beautiful backyard, so we’ll set you up with the right bags so you can make the most out of every season. Come see our brand and product selection in stores and then get busy exploring!

Essentials for Your Whistler Beach Bag

With beaches-galore and the long summer days already here, it’s time to get the essentials for your Whistler beach bag in order. You’ll want to be ready for those last minute invites to the beach with your bases covered. Here’s what we think you’ll need in your kit this summer:

Sun Screen

Playing in the sun is fun, but be smart about it friends! One in five is sadly diagnosed with skin cancer, so product the flesh and lather up with Beach Bum Sunscreen SPF 15, 30 or 50. Water magnifies the suns UV rays, so reapply a few times so you can do it all over again tomorrow, sans sunburn.


If you aren’t already a proud owner of a GoPro camera, we can change that. We know you are going to make the most of your summer, so be sure to share it!


You can’t go wrong with a classic Reef sandal. There is a reason these guys are the standard in the surf industry for footwear and are still making a name. It’s because their Eco-friendly, fashion forward – yet low profile design, and durable sandal just can’t be beat.


We just wrote an awesome post with tips on how to pick out your perfect pair of shades, so give it a read here and don’t forget to pack them!


Our favorite towel is the RVCA Balance Box Towel. This beach towel may inspire you to wear it as a toga with its soft feel and rad camo print, and we won’t judge you for that. But seriously, if you’re going to the beach you need a towel.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important when enjoying the outdoors. A water bottle is usually just a water bottle, but the Oakley Water Tank 20oz is something else. This BPA free bottle has a separate twist off bottom that can hold ice to keep your beverage cool when inverted. Its tough stainless steel construction and eye pleasing design is a practical statement piece – yes we just said statement piece about a water bottle, you clearly need to check it out.


Whether you are looking for a portable speaker or low profile headphones Skull Candy has you covered.


Nothing says summer living like a floral hat. One of our favorites is the RFLF Co Summer Vacation Hat. RFLF Co. is a brand that got its roots right here in Whistler. They have an array of lifestyle clothing and accessories including, you guessed it, lots of awesome hats!


The kit holder. Choosing the right beach bag can be tricky, but we know this awesome Vancouver based company that makes killer backpacks and totes. Herschel Supply Company has a big selection of packs that will hold all your beach necessities and more. Come see what we’ve got in stock to get you to the beach!

Now that you’ve got the bases covered, chuck them in your beach bag and head to the beach already! Or maybe swing by and visit us at Mcoo’s first to piece together your summer kit!

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses just might be the most important part of your summer kit.

Hear us out: sunnies play three key roles in your summertime activities. One, they can protect your eyes against UV rays that can cause harm—a helmet for your eyes, if you will. Two, they help you see better. Whether you’re golfing, hiking, or biking, being able to see better is definitely a good thing. Three, they’re part of your look. Sure, it’s a little superficial, but your sunglasses say as much about your personal style as any other accessory or piece of clothing.

You don’t want to pick out new sunglasses without putting a little thought into your purchase, and we don’t blame you. Here at McCoo’s, we encourage you to do your research, ask lots of questions, and try on as many pairs as you need. Here are 4 questions that you should ask yourself on your quest for the perfect shades.

McCoos Sun Glasses

UV, or Not UV?

UV, or not UV—that is the question. Not all sunglasses come with UV protection—and of those that do, not all protect against both UVA and UVB rays. How important is the UV protection to you? Are you willing to spring a few extra bucks to keep your eyes in good shape, or are you counting on a hat or something else to keep the rays at bay?

What’s the Purpose?

Sunglasses are like shoes. You probably have a go-to pair that you wear for your everyday activities, but you also have a few pairs that are reserved for certain sports, plus a pair that you pull out for fancier events.

Like shoes, it’s okay to own more than one pair of sunglasses. When you’re picking up a pair, ask yourself whether you’re looking for cheap shades to stash in your beach bag, serious performers that will keep up with you while you ride, or a casual pair to sport on a patio. Ultimately, the purpose will help you determine what attributes you need and what price point you’re willing to look at.

Do They Feel Good?

Here’s where buying in a bona fide bricks and mortar shop trumps buying online. Your shades might check all your must-have boxes, but if they don’t fit your head, they’re useless. If you’ve ever had a pair pinch the spot behind your ears or slide off the bridge of your nose, you know what we’re talking about.

Try on a few pairs. Make sure that the eye size matches where your eyes are on your head, that the bridge fits just right against your nose without squishing or slipping, and that the temple length is neither too big nor too small for your noggin. Keep trying on pairs until you find your proverbial glass slipper.

How Does the World Look?

From lens tints to lens technology, lenses matter. Some materials will help you see more clearly, while others are more resistant to scratching and ultimate destruction. As with snow goggles, different tints will quite literally change the way you see the world. Contrast, brightness, and depth perception will vary, depending on the tint. Finally, technology like polarized lenses can take your lenses to the next level. The trick is finding the combination that works just right for you.


Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be; we’re here to help you unite with your perfect pair of sunglasses. Stop by the shop and ask for a hand, and we’ll make sure you find what you’re looking for.

7 Items Found in Every Whistler Closet

There are a lot of things you won’t find in a Whistler closet.

High heels, for instance, don’t tend to do well in snow, dirt, and puddles. You’d be hard-pressed to find a suit (business, that is) that was purchased in the last 10 years.

But there are few key items that you could probably find in just about every closet in town. These are the Whistler staples. Some are practical, others are aesthetic – either way, they’re important ingredients for perfecting the mountain lifestyle. Here are some of our favourite Whistler must-haves.

A Low Light Lens


Bluebird days in Whistler are awesome, but we’re notorious for our low light days on the mountain. Every Whistlerite knows that having the right goggle lens makes a huge difference: a low light lens will help you see in tricky conditions. And when you’re hucking it off a cornice or dodging trees, it’s good to be able to see.

A Good Toque


Toque, beanie, whatever you want to call it, every Whistler resident owns a toque – or, more realistically, dozens of them. Wear them underneath your helmet, waiting for the bus, at work when you haven’t had time to wash your hair… heck, wear them out for a formal dinner. Consider your toque an extension of your physical body.


We live in the coastal rainforest – it’s going to get wet.

Our heavier snow is great because it sticks to stuff, giving us great coverage, but it can also get you soaked. Waterproof fabrics like GoreTex are essential parts of the Whistler kit.

The Perfect Flannel


Once you’ve found the perfect flannel shirt, you’ll quickly realize that it is suitable for each and every occasion you’ll ever come across. Flannels are comfortable, but they still look sharp (hey, there are buttons and a collar!) You’re in the mountains – it’s okay to embrace the mountain man look.

Boots That Fit

Had to cut the day short because your ski boots were torturing your feet? Rookie mistake. Everyone in Whistler knows that it’s worth investing in a good pair of ski boots that have been properly fitted to your foot (hey – isn’t McCoo’s known for being the best at that?)

When you realize that you’ll spend more time in your ski boots than any other footwear, it’ll all make sense.

A Full Quiver

McCoos Skis

No one in Whistler just has skis. They have rock skis for early season conditions, pow skis for when Ullr is feeling extra generous, park skis for those bluebird spring day sessions, cross country skis for when they want to work on their cardio (that includes both classic skis and skate skis)…

As they say, variety is the spice of life. Living in Whistler, it’s impossible not to accumulate a set of skis for every potential condition.

A Frolf Disc

It’s not Frisbee, it’s not golf – it’s frolf. A favourite Whistler pastime involves heading into the woods to one of our awesome frolf courses and tossing the disc for a few hours with some buddies. Frolf is the perfect laid-back way to enjoy a sunny afternoon outdoors. You can guarantee that there’s a frolf disc tucked away somewhere in every front hall closet in Whistler.

8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Skier in Your Life

Forget roses or a box of chocolate. This Valentine’s Day, skip the clichés and get the skier in your life a gift that they’ll really love. Whether you’re looking for a memorable experience or a practical mountain accessory, here are some gift ideas that are truly from the heart.

A Good Pair of Gloves

Gloves and mittens are perhaps the most underrated mountain accessory. Good gloves will keep your hands warm and dry, making them the secret ingredient to the perfect day on the mountain. Splurge on a pair of well-made, quality gloves for the skier in your life.

A Weekend Getaway

The number one best gift for a skier is a day on the mountains. Treat your loved one to a Whistler weekend getaway: book a romantic hotel room, make dinner reservations, and spent your days skiing lap after lap.

A Practical Gift: Socks


Not the romantic type? We’ve got one word for you: socks. Buying, say, a new jacket is much more glamorous than picking up a new pair of socks, yet no skier ever seems to have enough socks. Of course, you could always pick up a few pairs of socks and make a sock bouquet of sorts for your loved one…

A Heli-Ski Trip

For that love-so-intense-that-you-just-want-to-shout-it-from-a-mountaintop kind of passion, there is only one solution, and that’s heli-skiing. Fair warning: if you gift your Valentine with a heli-ski trip, you will never be able to outdo yourself. But hey, you can deal with that next year.

A New Toque

More than just a winter accessory, toques (or beanies, for you non-Canadians) are a staple in any Whistlerites wardrobe. This is a great gift for those in a relatively new relationship – it’s thoughtful without being over the top.

A Snowmobiling and Fondue Tour

The stars, the sky, the stillness of the night – well, the stillness combined with the sound of snowmobiles ripping up Blackcomb Mountain. There are plenty of cool, extreme experiences to enjoy in Whistler, but the Snowmobiling and Fondue Tour takes the cake in the romance/adrenaline category. If you and your loved one live for a little adventure, this is the gift for you: drive a sled up the mountain, enjoy a romantic fondue dinner by the fire (complete with live tunes) at the Crystal Hut, and take in the stars on the snowmobile ride back down. Bliss.


Technically, spring is only a month away, which means one thing and one thing only: spring skiing is just around the corner. Spoil your sweetheart with a spiffy new pair of shades. The brands we have in stock – including Oakley, Smith, Ray Ban, Von Zipper, Dragon, Maui Jim, Spy, and Ryders – offer the perfect mix of function and aesthetics. A must-have for bluebird days.

A New Bag


Herschel bags are one of the most popular accessories on the market right now, and for good reason. A Herschel backpack is classic, clean, and functional — it’s equally suited to carrying your gear around town as it is for toting your stuff to the beach. It’s the gift that works across ages, genders, tastes, and lifestyles – in other words, it’s hard to mess this one up.


Psst… wondering where you can pick up all these goods? All ski gear can be purchased right here at McCoo’s!

The Case for Buying Your Ski Gear In-Person

It’s hard to resist the appeal of shopping in your pajamas and making a purchase with just a few clicks, but we’re here to make the case that when it comes to buying your ski gear, bricks and mortar is still the way to go.

We’re not just saying that because we’re a bricks and mortar ski shop (although we will admit we’re a little biased). For most people, ski gear is a significant investment, so you don’t want to make your decisions lightly. Here’s why we think buying your gear in-person is still the way to go.

A Picture Isn’t Really Worth 1,000 Words

A picture of a product can tell you a lot, but it can’t tell you everything. It can’t tell you how that fabric will feel against your skin, and weather that button is going to rub up against you all day. It won’t always show you that there are hidden pockets inside a jacket, or it might forget to mention that those pants don’t come with a zippered vent.

In other words, there’s a lot you can discover by physically handling a piece of equipment. When you’re investing in new ski gear, you want to know what you’re getting before you drop your hard earned money on it. An in-person inspection is the best way to go.

You Can’t Fake Fit

You can take all the measurements you want and approximate your size as best as you can, but in the end, nothing compares to actually trying a piece on in real life. How else can you tell whether that new pair of goggles will fit snugly against your existing helmet? Or whether that jacket it long enough to cover your back when you lean over?

Compare and Contrast

If you’re not 100% sure you know what you want – say, you want a new pair of goggles but you aren’t sure what kind – it helps to be able to make in person comparisons. Holding a few different pairs in your hands and inspecting them up close will help you make sound, informed decisions about your purchase – and it’s easier than switched between tabs on your browser and trying to guess between features.

Save the Hassle

Making a purchase online seems easy, but it isn’t always the case. Say the piece you ordered doesn’t fit – now, you either have to trek to the post office (and Whistler only has one!) or you have to locate the nearest bricks and mortar version of the store you bought it from. If you pick up your new gear in a store and it doesn’t fit, no big deal: just put it down and try on another size.

Good Old Fashioned Social Interaction

The number one reason to stick to bricks and mortar is, without a doubt, the service. Whether you have questions about how something works, what a feature does, or what piece of gear best meats your style or goals, it helps to have a real, live person there to guide you through your purchase. Who knows – you might even learn about a new powder stash along the way.

McCoo’s has two great locations stocked to the nines with quality brands – come in for a visit and talk to our awesome staff!

Dressing in Whistler, From Head to Toe

Here in Whistler, we put a lot of thought into what we wear every day. It’s not that we’re vain – it’s that we demand a lot out of our gear.

We need to it keep us warm and dry in cold, wet conditions. We need it to be solid enough to protect us from slips and bails, while being flexible enough to let us move and flow.

And, of course, it doesn’t hurt if it makes us look good, too. Here’s what you need to get geared up for a day on the mountain in Whistler.

Your Base Layer

It all starts with the base layer: this is the layer that’s closest to your skin. A good base layer is the secret to comfort: if it can wick sweat away from you, keeping you dry, you’ll be a lot happier on the mountain.

Look for technical fabrics meant to keep you dry, and aim for pieces that are fitted without being constrictive.


The difference between wearing technical socks and regular socks on the mountain is night and day. Invest in a couple of pairs of good ski socks to show your feet little love. Good socks will keep your tootsies dry, warm, and comfortable – plus, you won’t need to worry about your boots rubbing and chafing your legs and ankles. Don’t skimp on socks!

Your Outerwear

Choose your outerwear wisely: this is how your friends will be able to identify you on the mountain! Function is your first priority: look for pieces that will let you move comfortably on your skis.

Other things to look for: sleeves that are long enough to cover your arms (to avoid that horrible feeling of getting snow up your sleeves), a hood large enough to pop over your helmet, and plenty of pockets for your pass, phone, keys, and other extras.
The weather on Whistler Blackcomb can get wet: waterproof materials like Gore-Tex are good.

If you’re concerned that a jacket won’t keep you warm enough, keep in mind that you can always add a mid-layer to keep you toasty.

Gear for Your Head

You want to keep your head warm, and you want to keep your head safe. Start with a thin toque (beanie) to keep the heat in, and look for a face mask to protect you from the wind.

Next, find a good helmet to keep your noggin protected. Try on a few until you find one that fits comfortably.

Gloves and Mittens

A good pair of gloves or mittens is a must! If you’ve got perpetually cold hands, choose a pair of mittens – they’ll keep you warmer. If you like having the extra exterity, you can go for gloves instead.

Eventually, you’ll likely have a few pairs in your repertoire – after all, a stormy pow day calls for different gloves than spring skiing.


With Whistler’s largest selection of goggles, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about good goggles. Look for goggles that fit comfortably around your face and that don’t squish down on your nose. You’ll want to make sure they fit nicely with your helmet, too.

Once you’ve found the right fit, the fun really starts – we can help you sort your way through interchangeable lenses, anti-fog technology, and tons of different colours and styles.


Some would argue that your ski boots are the number one most important piece of gear you wear on the mountain. Properly fitting boots will change the way you ski. Stop by and see George McConkey – he’s known as one of the best boot fitters in the world!

Check out McCoo’s full list of quality products and brands and get geared up for adventure!