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We’ve all been there. Your phone dies just when you need it the most. It could be right before you’re supposed to meet a friend or worse case, an emergency. No matter when it turns off, it’s an inconvenience. While it’s not possible to completely stop your battery from draining, you can substantially decrease how fast it depletes. Here are some tips to help you save phone battery life while on the mountain.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

According to Apple, extreme temperatures can play a role in draining your phone’s battery while on the hill and can even cause permanent damage. To prevent your phone from being exposed to cold temperatures, refrain from taking it out while on the chair and keep it close to your body for heat.

Use Airplane Mode

Switch your phone into airplane mode to prevent it from constantly searching for a signal. Whistler Blackcomb does have good service range but there are some areas where your phone might work extra hard for that one bar.

Turn on Low Battery Mode

Turning your phone to low battery mode reduces the amount of power that it uses when the battery gets low. This should prolong what little power you have left.

Dim Your Screen

Adjusting the brightness of your screen can have a huge effect on your phone’s battery life. Dim it when you know you’re going to be away from a charger for an extended period of time.

Be Smart About Your Battery Usage

Uploading that photo to Instagram might have to wait. Many apps drain battery life. You can check which apps are the culprits under settings and in the battery section. If some are worse than others, it might be time to delete them.

Turn off Push Notifications

Push notifications are an apps way of waving at you and also a huge power drain. Stop your home screen or lock screen from lighting up every few minutes by turning off push notifications.

Stop Location Services

Once again, those pesky apps are stealing your battery life. You can optimize your battery life by turning off location services in your apps.

Turn off Push Notifications

Stop your home screen or lock screen from lighting up every few minutes by turning off push notifications.

Know Your Charge Stations

Whistler Blackcomb has many charging stations that can provide you with a little boost should you be running low. Guest Services at Skiers Plaza and the Roundhouse are just to name a few.

Power Up

If you’re planning on spending the day on the mountain and know you’re going to be using your phone, bring up a battery pack. We would suggest one of Outdoor Technologies many battery packs that come with multi-function options such as a speaker or flashlight.

If you have any questions about using your phone on the mountain and related gear, come in and speak to the experts at McCoo’s. Your one-stop shop for adventures.


You can spend days, even weeks navigating the terrain on Whistler Blackcomb in search of the perfect run. You can read blog posts, online reviews and ask friends and family for their top picks but no one will provide you better advice than a Whistler local. And not just any Whistler local. Here at Mccoos Whistler our team is on the pulse of everything ski and snowboard. We know the mountains like the back of our hand and can navigate it with our eyes closed, backwards and shin deep in fresh pow. Mccoos was founded in 1987 by Whistler ski legends. If you want advice on anything related to Whistler Blackcomb, the team at Mccoos are the people to ask.

To make sure you have the best day possible on the mountain, our team thought we’d share our top picks for the best runs on Whistler Blackcomb.

Ry – Million Dollar Ridge


If you’re looking for an off-piste option away from the crowds, Million Dollar Ridge is a local’s favourite. Ry loves the fresh face-shots and ultimate pow conditions. Since this one is just out-of-bounds you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a guide or are with experienced locals before exploring this back-country terrain.

Peter – The Family Zone


So maybe not a double black, but the Family Zone is the place to be for families learning to ski or ride. Peter recommends the Family Zone to guests of the resort on a daily basis and says there is no better place on the mountain to practice your pizzas and French fries.

Ash – Peak to Creek


If you’re craving some leg burning action then head to Whistler’s famous Peak to Creek run. This vertical expanses from Whistler’s peak to the Creekside Village and is 11km of pure excellence. The Peak to Creek has a variety of terrain and is a great place to race when groomed from top to bottom. The best part of the Peak to Creek according to Ash is Dusty’s Bar and Grill at the bottom, one of the best après ski spots in Whistler!

George – McConkeys


George may be a bit biased when choosing McConkeys as his favourite run, it is named after his legendary ski family but we agree, it does credit a top pick. The McConkey family are a house-hold name in Whistler, George is one of the original founders of Mccoos and his father Jim (who the run is named after), was one of Whistler’s ski pioneers responsible for firmly establishing Whistler Mountain on the international stage.

Sarah – Callaghan Valley


Downhill is not the only style of skiing Whistler is famous for. The Callaghan Valley, although not a run as such, is a utopia for cross country skiing and Nordic sports and is Sarah’s number one pick. The valley, which is located just south of Whistler, has 130km of terrain to explore by ski or snowshoe. The wilderness trails and stunning mountain scenery make the Callaghan Valley a well-deserved top pick.

Before heading to the mountain make sure to stop in at Mccoos and gear-up for adventure. The team at Mccoos would be happy to give tips and suggestions for your day and will ensure you are fully equipped for the adventures that lie ahead. Mccoos is located at the base of Whistler/Blackcomb and their sister store, Mccoos Too, is on the Village stroll. The best powder days always begin at Mccoos!