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Some may dread this time of year, the ending of summer and beginning of fall but we look at it as a time to revamp your wardrobe! New backpacks, sweaters, footwear and arm candy- fall is a time to bring out all the coveted pieces you have had stored away throughout the summer months and purchase a few new additions. So embrace the cooling weather and change of the seasons; we’ve got exactly what you need to brighten your wardrobe and make it functional for Autumn in Whistler.

Herschel Backpack

Your backpack carries your life in it and could just be one of your most important belongings. Herschel backpacks come in classic shapes and various sizes (full size, mid-volume, compact, women and youth) so you can fit in the things you find on your adventures or your loads of school books. The new fall colours are perfect for maintaining style in the mountains.

RipCurl Sweater

Made for layering and the warm days that turn into cool evenings, a RipCurl sweater will take your outfit to the next level and doesn’t mind retiring to your backpack when your adventure calls for it. Soft sweaters made in all the right fall colours and prints, your fall look needs one!

People Shoes

“Ultra–light, extremely cushy and perfect for doing whatever it is you love to do,” is the People shoes motto. These bad boys will take you all over the village, into the mountains, on that perfect fall hike and maybe for one last camping trip before the weather changes. Did we mention they look good, like really good?

Stance Socks

These socks have so much style, your going to want to find a way to wear them so the world can seem them! Stance socks are made for expression so grab a few pairs and don’t sweat it if you never match them again. There are also made in various styles for functional wear during sport. Have you noticed a few of them in the Bike Park?

Oakley Active Wear

The change in temperature makes fall one of the best times to exercise. Of course, we wouldn’t do it any other way than in style. The Oakley Active line is perfect for wearing while your running around the village and then when your actually running. So sleek and made from the latest active wear technology.

Nixon Watch

Managing school and multiple jobs to get ready for all the pow slaying that’s going to be done in the winter is going to require you to keep a tight schedule. Nixon watched rock clean lines and a water rating that will allow you to leave your worries behind in the variable Whistler weather.

So don’t fret about putting your short shorts, board shorts and bikini’s away in storage. Fall allows you to layer up and is a nice change of scenery from summer outfits. Make sure your fall look is as hot as your summer one was by adding a few essentials from McCoo’s. We’ve got you covered.