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Taking Care of Your Gear


The mountains take no prisoners and your gear isn’t an exception, especially if you are skiing 5-7 days a week. Day after day of exposing your gear to the elements can take its toll. By taking proper care of your equipment, you can make it last through the whole season and prevent unwanted problems that can be a downer on even the best pow day. Take note, these tips will keep your gear going strong all season long!

Skis or Board

You may be tired at the end of the day but don’t be lazy! Place your tips on a bench and let the tails rest on the floor. Give the edges a quick wipe to prevent rust. This position is optimal for letting your bindings drip dry. You will thank us later when you’re carving smoothly into an icy slope!

Ski Boots

For boots that fit every time, remove your liners and let them air dry. Similarly, wipe the outside and inside of your boots down. Not only does this practice help maintain them but your future self will thank you when you’re puting your feet into warm and dry liners. Don’t forget to limit how much walking you are doing as it can break down the toes and heels.

Jacket and Pants

Make sure to let your coat and pants properly hang dry after each use. This will ensure it’s good to go for the next day but it will also prevent stinky mold from making your gear it’s new home. A few times a season, treat your outerwear to a wash in cool water on the gentle cycle with a powdered detergent. It is suggested to put it through two wash cycles to ensure no detergent residue is left on the garment. NIKWAX is a great addition that can maintain waterproofing.


Shake off any extra snow or moisture and let your goggles air dry. Once they are dry, give them a thorough wipe on the OUTSIDE of the lens with a microfiber cloth. Refrain from wiping the INSIDE of the lens as many companies spray an anti-fog agent on this side. Do not leave the goggles by a heater or on your car’s rear-view mirror, this also compromises their anti-fog capabilities.


Contrary to popular belief, turning your gloves inside out is a bad idea as is throwing them in the dryer. If your gloves have a liner, make sure to take them out and allow them to air dry. If not, rest them in a well-ventilated area and occasionally flip them over.

Base Layer

You’re not just gross if you’re letting your base layer go a few washes. This habit can also reduce its effectiveness. It’s recommended to wash them after every use and to let them dry naturally to maintain protective layers. Generally, base layers are made out of special fabric, be sure to read the care instructions or just pass them off to Mom to wash!

Your gear can make or break a day on the mountain. Make sure it’s not the limiting factor in how rad your day is by religiously using these simple steps. Have you been naughty and not taken care of your equipment? McCoo’s won’t judge, come stop by for a replacement!