bikers wearing POC gear


We get it, you’ve done your bike research. Combed the bike mags, searched online until you found that site you had to delete from your browser history. Even talked to that guy down the street with the Chromag sticker on his pick-up and finally made your purchase. You’re set, now what else do you need?

We don’t sell bikes, we wouldn’t want to intrude on your process. But we do sell everything else you need to ride and it’s way less complicated.


We have the best selection of the brands and products built for performance and style in both the park and the valley. Every bike enthusiast knows how important it is to have proper protective gear.

As well as finding you the perfect helmet which fits snuggly to your head and boosts your performance, we have a wide selection of gloves, elbow and knee pads. You won’t be afraid to try out new tricks and push your limits. That’s what Whistler is all about, right?

Every biker wants to look the part and we have all the riding gear you could dream of. Look as stylish as you feel, as you shred the trails in the latest performance-enhancing gear. We only stock the best brands with the latest technologies. Extensive research has gone into developing the most comfortable riding jerseys, shorts, shoes, and even socks.        

Getting good and don’t want the dirt in your eyes? Or just starting out and don’t want the dirt in your eyes? Our selection of eyewear covers all bases. Goggles that fit around your helmet are perfect for the more advanced rider, tearing down A-Line. Riding glasses are great for the mellower shredder, enjoying the trails. Whatever your preference, unobstructed optical clarity is our priority with the most comfortable fit.     

We also are committed to making sure you’re not mistaken for the display mannequin at the local mall shop.