Goggle technology is changing fast and we do the work to test the best.

We offer the largest selection of goggles in Whistler with varying fits, styles and technology that will meet your needs.

Our goal is to supply not only the best brands and models but lenses and lens technology that truly make a difference in our challenging coastal conditions.

We know that goggles can make or break your day on the hill. Our staff are experts in not just knowing the advantages of each brand but identifying which is right for you. Do you love shredding the moguls, ripping the groomers or venturing into the backcountry? Do you usually ride at a certain time of day or like to switch lenses throughout the day if conditions change? We can help you determine which tint will provide a good combination of colour definition, contrast, depth perception and eye fatigue protection, all with the right visible light transmission (VLT) for your specific needs.

Look Your Best

Try on as many goggles as you need to find the perfect pair. Find a pair that makes you look your ultimate mountain self and yet fits snugly around your helmet and on your cheekbones, without limiting your peripheral vision.

Prepare to be educated on the science behind goggles. The latest advancements in goggle technology include upgrades in scratch-resistant coating, anti-fogging, colour contrast and even built-in GPS. We offer the largest selection of goggles in Whistler and have them all.  Our team will help you understand the benefits of each style and technology to make sure you have the best day on the hill, every day!

Brands We Carry