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Choosing The Raddest Sunglasses


Sunglasses in Whistler can be a year round thing- Protecting your eyes from the glare of the snow or the elements as you hike your way up a line or the sun as you climb up a trail on your bike. We also know how important it is for your sunnies to make a statement and keep you adventuring in style. Choosing the right pair can be time consuming and frustrating. So we’ve assembled some things to take into account so you can get back playing in the mountains and performing your best!

Face Shape

Round, square, heart, oblong, oval and diamond make up the general face shapes. Determining what your face shape is can help you better select a style and frame shape that accentuates your best and diminishes those not so favourite features!


Aviator, butterfly, rectangle, shield, semi-rimless all refer to a frame and lens combination. Each style suiting a certain face shape and features. Your best bet is to ask the knowledgeable employee helping you at McCoo’s to recommend styles for specific face types. Style can also determine functionality and be related to performance.

UV Protection

UV or Ultra Violet light comes from sun and can damage your eyes as well as influence optical clarity. Chances are if you’re adventuring, you’re going to want sunnies that block out all UV rays, in other words, 100% protection- Go big or go home!


Technology can range from the materials used to create the frame to lens material, tint and colouring. The technology you choose can have an impact on the sport you are performing so make sure you understand what your needs are from a pair of sunnies.

Sunglasses can make or brake your fun in the wild and can also protect you from harmful environmental factors. Its best do some research before investing in a pair for performance. Don’t be afraid to spend some time at McCoo’s, trying on various styles and utilizing the knowledgable staff! Let’s make it your one stop shop for sunnies!